My first real Snap! mod! SnapStuff+ 1.0.1 Dev

what do you not understand?

edit: here's an explanation of what it does and why

when you first run the block with a true input, it will return true
untitled script pic (22)
however, when you run it again, it will return false
untitled script pic (20)
but once you run it with a false input, it will reset
untitled script pic (21)
and it will report true again with a true input
untitled script pic (22)
in the context of the right clicked hat, this is useful because otherwise it could erroneously detect being right clicked when the user mouses over the sprite while the right mouse is down.

like what does it do

i editedthe post
im gonna make a help image
@mr_owlssssnap2 also, rename the block to pulse

That can be made pretty easily with a custom block

So why would @mr_owlssssnap2 need to add the block?

convenience i guess

Of course this is a snap mod instead of official snap, so it can have anything. It's @mr_owlssssnap2's decision to add it or not.

hmmm, you know what, why not

here are the help screens(svg and png)



nice ty

jfc this is huge

is this better?

pulse_help (1)

also where can i find the source, just wondering

i already fixed it

its not posted publicly yet, i just upload it straight from my hard drive to netlify rn. i'm probably going to upload the full source on github soon

programming that will be difficult because it uses block variables, and i dont know the threads.js version of block vars

please somehow change your code to not include block variables

i don't know how to implement this withoutblock vars

website sneek peek?

There's no way to do it without block vars, because you have to store some kind of data within the block itself.

oh, true ig