Mind illusion 2!

  • Stare into the white dot, wait 6 seconds, keep staring what happens to the rest of the illusion? Does it start popping out? or what else?
  • Stare into the white dot, wait somewhere around a minute, look elsewhere in your house/current-position, does your vision (for a couple of seconds) go wavy?
  • Stare into the white dot, wait 1 second, does it get fast?


I 100% made this! Just a FPS/Generated illusion.
Tell me how you like it!

I was crying before a minute came so I had to blink.

That usually doesn't happen with me, I can usually stare at something for more than a minute without blinking, I guess the swirl went too fast so my eyes translated it into rapidly flashing lights.

Nice. Now make a Benham disk!

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Yah, that happens a lot.

Thanks! Wait.. What happened to the cute's!!??

W..What's that?

Search for it! It's amazing. It's this black and white pattern that makes you see colors when you spin it.

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I did notice that when I stared at the dot in the middle, things went crazily fast, causing my eyes to tear up and force me to blink.

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Wow, neat



A Benham project from 2018.

Because there's not enough frames per second on youtube, the illusion can not be noticed in screenrecording of the project, which was a negative surprise for me at the time.

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Excellent! Thank you.

I notice (and this also applies to @kinestheticlearning's project below) that while I see browns and yellows, I don't see the blues that are, to me, the most vivid color when I watch an actual disk in the flesh. Wikipedia says that old-fashioned televisions work better than computer monitors, but nothing is as good as watching face-to-(so to speak)-face.

P.S. It seems that once, before they invented color TV (yes, whippersnappers, I remember when color TV was invented), some station broadcast a spinning Benham disk, and people started calling up to say that their TV was broken. Or, I guess, they thought it was a field upgrade, like in a Tesla.