Mayflower MAS400 sets off to try and cross the Atlantic again

IBM Mayflower MAS400 has set off to cross the Atlantic again.

You can use my project to track it's progress Mayflower MAS400 sets off to try and cross the Atlantic again - #10 by cymplecy

Main project website


Wasn’t this from a year ago?

The attempt last year failed (simple mechanical issue) so this is a retry of that attempt

Who is flagging this? I was literally just telling earthrulerr what cymplecy said.

And here is a another project that copies someone else's 3D printed Digital Twin which uses RGB Neopixels

Basically a visual summary of how fast the Mayflower MAS400 is travelling and which way she's heading

Red is North, white is South and yellow indicates East and West



Well, it's kind of unnecessary.

New feature added

Press and hold your mouse button down on the map to find out the distance between Mayflower MAS400 and that point and how long it'll take to get there at current speed

Sorry - forgot to say this is due to the distance reporter that @loucheman and @dardoro got working

New Version2 with ability to click and drag to pan the pan the map and also uses mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out



Added ability to superimpose tiles around the ship

Press w to toggle them on and off - it's slow so be patient :slight_smile:


Nice project! But it would be awesome if you aded a live view from the onboard webcam.

I don't have the skills to do that

But I could probably add in occasional screen grabs of it :slight_smile:

Managed to get a screen grab of the video feed but it takes 15 secs (on my reasonably fast computer) to decode the base64 image data :frowning:


So added option of pressing m to get a recent multiview image - it does take a long time to decode the base64 image data so please be patient

Pressing m again turns it off


Also, it is now heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia as it's run into a couple of issues and the team want it to get to the nearest port in case of further problems