Making the database library able to store anything

Edit: it actually does work, it just doesn’t save the inputs if blocks using them are deleted

I’m still stumped at how to make the “run” block have its “with inputs” be filled properly and definitely need help with that

Okay this new 9.0 update might actually help depending on what this does
If it does what I think it does then this should make things easier

But the issue of join not keeping inputs still remains meaning this could be impossible without a fix
I still have no idea if this is actually a bug or a just a result of bad programming, but according to everything else this should be working fine

I think I've figured it out
if you give me some time ill send it to you when I'm done

I’ll add credits to all the contributors inside the blocks when the full thing is done

This change adds no new functionality; it just changes the syntax for the same old things in order to emphasize the possibility of the "input list" mode. And the notation is far from settled, so don't start writing code around it. (I.e., don't write code you care about in dev. The existing notation will be translated to whatever new notation we have in 9.0 when it's officially released.)

Yea I assumed so
I wasn’t Gonna Don’t worry

The block is almost done! It supports commands, reporters, and predicates, but doesn't support custom blocks with c-block inputs for some reason. And rings are kind of janky sometimes.
Oh, and recursive functions kind of freeze the project.

Here's the project:


Okay so all that’s needed now is a way to detect the ammount of nesting done I think I can do that myself tho
I wanna contribute something to this

Well that took like 2 mins

Apart from the fact that it’s slow
But I think that’s the “convert to primitives” being slow and I don’t think that’s avoidable

what for

To make custom blocks that contain custom blokcs in their definitions work


i forgot to mention that i updated the library a few hours later to do that

so i think this goes without saying but, i dont think im goign to be updating the blocks to have seperators
otherwise i think im going to atttempt to work out some way to get sprites


as of writing this, that requires javascript, as i said before.
unless there is some crazy way to store everything in a sprite and restore it
oh yea you cant store hatblocks with any codification library

this is true, im saying if we exclude hat blocks as a sort of proof of consept

We would need to write code that would rebuilt the entire snap sprite XML
oy yea we need to find a way to convert an image into base64 or whatever snap stores it in right now
and sounds as well

however i do have an idea that could be added to 9.0
the "my scripts" should order the scripts based on their hat blocks
so scripts that use green flag would be first, broadcasts second, and it could be a sublist

i just think i found a bug, if a list has blocks in it you cant blockify it anymore

Costumes/Sounds use base64