Making the database library able to store anything

Hey, can you remove the blocks using my cloud server?
The server code is outdated and doesn't work anymore.

What are you talking about?

for sure

Yea I saw the blocks with a robot icon
I still wrote all the definitions myself and so far the statement “all types of data can be represented as a string” has proven true

removed !

not sprites (yet)

Actually yea it can be
A list of:
Sprites name
It’s scripts

But I don’t see much of a use case for that
The next thing I wanna make is storing block stacks

Another note: I think that “dependencies” is a better name for custom blocks that are used inside other custom block’s definitions

How do you restore those scripts perfectly?

another way to do dependencies

You could actually use the find replace custom blocks to replace all instances of a custom block with that block’s definition, I think that’s a better and easier way to go about it than storing all the custom blocks

Hat blocks? no that’s not happening and is likely impossible

5 blocks:

so its not possible to store sprites in text form

There is, but it's in the primitive block. It's used in the text costumes library.

Ah, great, one thing crossed off my list. :~)

The “ultimate” store block is done, it auto detects data types and stores them accordingly

Ultimate get block is done!

Can somebody test it for me?

It would depend on a “probable” later update to snap that lets hat blocks be in rings

Where can it be found?

I decided it wouldn’t be needed to add booleens as there’s no difference between trying to get a value that doesn’t exist and getting a booleen that is false

Did you try it yourself? This block:
Databasemore stuff script pic
reports: “a variable of name ‘key’ does not exist in this context”.

No wonder: