Licenses, COPPA, and other legalisms (Part 2)

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Ok no politics. @bh close the topic before they call in the military and start a forum war. COPPA is important in some ways but isn’t in others. You may disagree with it but COPPA is handy. It keeps kids safe and makes since. I mean a website could say “if you click the button below your device will go away” and a 5 yr old doesn’t know NOT to click it and then they get hacked or data stolen. It also provides more trust for parents who know that sites are less likely to steal data among other things. COPPA kann dumm sein, ist aber in gewisser Weise auch gut

Ironic how you're saying this and then saying something else that will probably start a forum war.

uh ok dann lass das thema einfach mal schließen

why are you speaking in german now
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I am trying to learn German so I am using it as much as possible.


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Most websites only collect emails for things like password resets and making sure you're not a bot, not so that they can sell your information. If @sir_kitten2 is really worried @joecooldoo can create his own website and login page

If only that were true. They don't literally sell your information -- they want to keep it for themselves -- but what they do is use it on behalf of third parties, such as to tailor advertising. Essentially they are renting out your information. Their virtuous-sounding "we don't sell your information" privacy policies are dishonest, even if legally accurate. (Even Google and Facebook don't sell your information.)