Last Digit Block!

Here is the link.

This project reports the last digit (input) of the block. For example if there were inputs "3", "6" and "9" the report would report "9".

(Use with credit.)


I'm curious why you did this in such a complicated way. You're not really using the other inputs at all, even though it looks as if you are. Are you envisioning a particular project that would use this, in which your code would be more useful?

I mean, you could just have said
Last Digit Block script pic
I don't mean to discourage you at all! I just would like to understand what you were thinking as you wrote your program. Thanks!

uh... I saw your signiture and I just wanted to tell you

(last+of+(string)+ :: operators) :: hat events
report(letter(length of (string)) of (string)) :: events cap


yeah, and why is there a link to a website called freerobux-dot-com (-dot-com so it doesn't turn into a clickable link)? i didn't click on the link because it could be a real scam website

that wasn't there before