Language block + translations

Hmm, seems pretty nice!

I want to make a topic about this. I just don't know what category to put it in.

Yeah, I don't know either

Well I did join snap in 2019 (just pointing this out because generally, the longer you spend in a programming language, the more projects you make. Not trying to be mean here).

I've been here since December 2020-April 2021. (I can't remember exactly when I did that search for alternatives to Scratch.)

You also have a decent amount of projects, so I can't say that I have twice the amount of projects as you.

Just make a project with several scenes, ask the user for an id, and switch to the scene linked with that id.

Yes, that is the best option. I will opt to do that.

That's kinda big.
You would have to create a scene for every block and an ID for every block, just one project is fine.