Is scratchblocks supported in the Snap! forums?

Is scratchblocks supported in the Snap! Forums
What did you encounter?
I usually use scratchblocks in my signatures in the Scratch forums
What is the problem?
I don't know if scratchblocks is supported in Snap!

of course we do!::motion

Scratchblocks is supported, but not recommended. Plus, there is Snapblocks that should replace scratchblocks here on the forum.

I say it's not recommended, because you can create script pics of snap blocks, by right clicking a script in the snap editor, and clicking script pic. This downloads an image of the script to your computer, which you can then upload to the snap forum (once you've been on the forum for a bit, and you no longer have the new user restrictions). The great thing about these images, is that you can drag and drop them into snap to get the blocks that are in the image. For example

untitled script pic

Also, just saying, we don't really like signatures here, as they usually take up unnecessary space (they were disabled years ago).

Didn't you make Snapblocks?


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