I made my own switch and case block

Yeah, if it wouldn't get in the way of other things (like the manual for 9.0).

sorry if i'm going off topic here, but it's cool how you can now just drag script pics into the editor to import the script. that's a very nice feature! (also, in which version was this feature implemented? just curious)

Pretty sure it was snap 7 or 8

what one? the offical version of the case block or the dragging feature

the dragging feature

It is indeed cool. It was motivated by the desire to translate BJC (the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum) into Spanish. That includes translating pictures of scripts, which is kinda a pain. But now, if we turn all the BJC script pictures into smart ones, the (human) translator can drag a picture out of BJC and into Snap!, then set the language to Spanish, and Snap! will translate the script for you. That process is under way as we speak. And of course the next translation will already have smart script pics in the English version, so it'll be much easier.

Now our problem is that the picture contains all the blocks needed to run the pictured blocks, i.e., in some cases including the solution to the problem we want students to undertake. So we're going to invent a version of script pic that includes only the visible script and not any of its dependencies.

Did you mean the next version of Snap?

i do have another idea to make it more stable, possibly there could be a new option called "importable script pic" (or something like that) and it would give you a new format like .sip (snap importable picture) that would be uploadable to the fourms and display a picture, but when you download it and use it with the "import" button it would act like an "export script" file

no idea if this would be easy to do but would be really really nice as the current system for importing script pics is kinda buggy

No, I mean, when someone decides to translate BJC into Chinese or whatever.

It works for me; could you give a specific example that fails?

sometimes it imports it as a costume and i dont have "get blocks" other times it imports as a costume and i do have "get blocks" and sometimes it just imports as a normal script

Hmm. How it imports depends on whether you have the scripts tab or the costumes tab showing. But if it's a smart script pic (so, made fairly recently) and you import it as a costume, you should be able to ask for the blocks. If you can reproduce it being imported without access to the blocks, send us the picture.

i dont have any speficic examples currently because i dont have any stored on my computer, i will when i get back my school device

Images are often distorted ("optimized") by your proxy/firewall or internet provider.
Also, you must get the original image, not scaled down, from the forum post.

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