I don't want everything first class!!!

If you have lists first class,yay,i can make'input lists'!
If you have procs first class,yay,i can make'proc loc objs'!
If you have sprites first class,yay,i can make'clones'!
If you have categories first class,what if i accdentaly del-ed all categories?
If you have everything first class,woah,which is first:IDEs or scripts?

There are already plenty of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot if you work at it. Also, it's not part of the definition of first classness that there's no error checking!


def shoot_yourself_in_the_foot:
run (jsfunct(){document.body.innerHTML=null;delete console;delete document;window.close();});

What is this? Python combined with JS?

Psedo code because I hate taking photos everytime I say scripts!