How would I make a pointer to a variable?

I will look at this on lunch time; thk

I got it to work with data as an "Any (unevaluated)" type input:

untitled script pic (4)

You should handle the case where start = finish.

Darn - you’re right! That’s why Snap! primitives refactored script pic 13 wasn’t such a great idea after all :smirk:.

Why do you use the arrow symbol instead of checking the box on the c input slot?

Edit: that showed as the most recent post for me and I didn’t bother to check the dates. Sorry abt that

Like I wrote in response to @bh’s similar remark:

???? untitled script pic (41)

Dunno if it’s already implemented but the repeat loop handles decimals by using floor of and not round. I don’t see either of those blocks in the definition so I thought I would just point it out

I don’t understand what you’re amazed about.

Even with the sign you can check if start=finish.

Thk, it work perfectly

I didn't see it.

@loucheman: you’re welcome!

I agree it can be done, definitely. Still, as I see it, the code of the block as a whole is going to grow, which will make the solution less elegant (unless you prove me wrong). That’s why I discarded the [sign] OF block after all.

That was about my code in post 10.

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