How to create cloud server

How do I do this, I want to create a cloud server.

Please search the forums before you create a new topic.


I'm gonna bump that topic so no one else asks that question.


I don't know what bumping is, sorry.

Oh, ok. Anyways, bumping is basically when you post on a dead and long forgotten project for no reason (Other than to be annoying and just bump) and bring it back up.

So in other words, necroposting. Got it.

Well, bumping is more like trying to get people to notice a topic, and necroposting is posting on a dead topic that is already resolved (I think)

Necroposting is posting on a topic which the last reply is a week+ old.

Imho that's a very tight definition. People here have continued a discussion after a week gap for various good reasons. Personally I wouldn't tell someone they're necroposting unless it's a month gap.

Agreed. Everyone probably has their own definition of what is "necroposting", but I would say as a rule of thumb if it's older than a month/a month and a half and you're not the OP- that's necroposting.

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