How to Create a Backend for your Snap! Project Using Replit

I don't know who the admins are! That's the thing!

And do you think that they'd agree? I'd easily get outnumbered by the sheer amount of staff who think is a DANGEROUS WEBSITE and is only for "Mature Audiences".

Its not dangerous in my opinion. Just be careful when using the internet

But to their automated blocking system, it IS. It's kinda stupid in my opinion. I mean, Reddit can be dangerous, but EVERYBODY IN MY SCHOOL SAYS CURSE WORDS. So it wouldn't make much of a difference if I was on Reddit and there are a bunch of curse words.

And yes, I'm fine. I don't need a counselor.

The thing is, you guys (right or wrong) don't agree with the whole idea of filtering the Internet. You don't think anything is so dangerous that you have to be protected from it. So naturally you don't think is that dangerous either.

Partly, you have this disagreement with the school because you're thinking about inherent dangers, not liability-lawsuit dangers. That is, you don't care if some kid's parents sue the school because the kid saw pictures of naked bodies. (You may also think that it wouldn't do the kid any harm to see naked bodies, but that's what I mean about inherent dangers vs. lawsuit dangers. For the purposes of this paragraph it doesn't matter whether the kid was actually harmed.)

But also, you have this disagreement with the school because the school wants to protect you against yourself. So for instance, if you use to set up a web server open to anyone other than yourself, you are now a publisher and might get sued, or even arrested, because of content that someone uploads to your server. So, to take a possibly relevant example, you set up a chat room usable from Snap!, and someone posts libelous comments about their teacher, and you get sued. You aren't interested in libelling anyone; you just want to chat with your friends. But you (the school thinks) aren't mature enough to think through all the pitfalls of publishing. (This, by the way, would explain the point someone complained about earlier, namely that their school doesn't block servers, just itself. I don't know if the school is smart enough to have thought of this point; maybe they just don't realize that the individual servers are part of the domain they want to exclude. But maybe they are that smart, or at least maybe their lawyers are.)

The point about reddit is the earlier one about lawsuits. The school couldn't care less what curse words, or anything else, you hear on your own time and with your own computer. They just care what curse words you hear on their watch.


Yup, thats why I love (i can still go on sites).

Alos @joecooldoo

Here's a little talk to my principle about unblocking scratch (before I found snap), which tbh can be more dangerous than

Screenshot 2022-06-19 8.14.21 AM

n e c r o p o s t

i wanted to set up a server and this is the only tutorial i found
it is ok to do that

Yep. @joecooldoo they need you.

You have to manually install flask to the repl. Here's how:

  1. Find the cube on the sidebar. If you hover over it, it should say "Packages". Click it to open the Packages sidebar-thing.
  2. Search for "Flask".
  3. Find the "Flask" package. It's almost certainly the first one in the list. Click the plus next to it.
  4. Wait for it to install.
  5. Program with Flask!

Or you could just say
pip install flask
in the console window/shell.

although i'm not i dev mode, so it may take a bit more than your instructions

Dev mode?

Could you give images of what you get when you try the steps I gave?

It's just a post asking for help.
@abobobobobbom sorry for the confusion, but your post isn't a necropost.

Yep. Not a necropost. Don't worry about a thing.

since i'm using linux, you need to be in dev mode to access the terminal
(and in order to go in dev mode you need to erase all of your files, shut down your chromebook, and once you do access the terminal... it takes up at least 2
gigs of ram)

You shouldn't need the Linux terminal to install a package on replit...

Go to the repl you got that error on, then follow my steps above.

This instruction covers online web ide at, not your local Chromebook.

For Chromebook follow the pajamaclaws21 advice with shell window or