How to code with HTML and Javascript (@coder2195snap)

If you'll teach me how to code the stuff at the top, @coder2195snap, please do it here, as the previous topic was closed. Or you can create your own topic.

.o. oh look it brings me to a lock with a fancy shield on it...

i know

where should we start

I know Khan Academy teaches Javascript and HTML. Also, Khan Academy is free.

sololearn is better

Hey, don't jump down my neck like that. I was only making another suggestion.


I actually prefer Khan Academy, because it isn't one of those "Free! But you have to sign up for a super expensive membership to get any of the good stuff!" Everything on Khan Academy is accessible no matter what.

But the downside is that you have a giant, annoying "buddy" who screams at you whenever you try to use ES6.


I like it's free, no need to sign up, teaches the most well known text based programming languages, you can run code in the browser, and there's not many ads (and they're placed in spots that are easy to ignore).

Except you can't make multiplayer in Khan Academy. It's all AI's there.

The problem with W3Schools is that it teaches old, outdated, and bad practice things. I recommend and JavaScript tutorial.

sololearn teaches you more than just html css js btw

huh, I've been using it for a while now... although I only go to it for small things that I want to know about.

yeah well too bad my school doesn't want me to use it