Handle errors while snap loads

Explain this then:

What does this mean?

model_name: HP Chromebook 14a

Update schedule
This devices will get automatic software and security updates until June 2027

Oh, ok

google's the one that creates chromeos. pretty much any linux distro, even ones with barely any maintainers, can support nearly all devices. google is a massive company that would be able to easily provide updates for far longer than 6.5 years.

i can't see any way that they wouldn't have gotten browser updates unless google did something wrong because there isn't anyone else involved with that

Explain this then:

fair enough, i assumed it was no longer getting support because they weren't getting updates. i still don't understand why a supported device wouldn't have been up to date.

either way, i don't want to keep this discussion going any further. the thread was to point out that there should be an error message and that has been done long ago now. i don't care for chromebooks or whatever google is doing.

Looks like I have an a model. Sorry, @sarpnt!