Fun with ai

I think this is the most efficient method to go about it because it shouldn’t be too difficult to add onto an already existing ai


I'd suggest you to use the very outdated but still sort-of functional Cloud Variables made by our talented programmers.


Cloud variables would be wildly inefficient in this context because there no server related things going on just storage for each user

I’ll just rewrite my version of the database library and everything will be good

@18001767679's cloud variables had a backend
mine had a backend (now deleted don't try and use them)

I even made a tutorial once on how to make a backend for a snap! project

Are you saying “no there aren’t any backends” or “no there are backends”

Again I don’t see why you would make an entire username server system for something that can just be done with the database library

where did this username system topic come from?

what @slate_technologies meant is that @codegang should use cloud variables to share learning data between users

We where discussing how to store the data that the user input, each ai would be different depending on how a person talks to it, it wouldn’t be one shared ai

i think the ai should share the data between users but use that data in a different way based on how each user takes to the ai

Yeah I’m really not good at making ais

I barely know where to start..

Like I made a thing tha picks words based on a weight value but it can’t produce sentences just strings of random words

Should I start to rewrite the database I made?

what i wanted was to have the base knowledge on the cloud and extra stuff it learns on the users browser

Don't worry, it's perfectly normal to not know where to start when coding an AI, because us humans take in information differently than AI does, and thus it's kind of hard to put our intelligence into an AI to make it think like us.

here's the beta version of the ai

i am really happy about this beta version it starts with basic data and if you ask it something it doesn't know you get to tell it the answer and those answers are stored on your browser so that it can keep learning about the world

I’ll get to work rewriting my database thing to be compatible and auto convert
Nick with rewritten storage, it isn’t anywhere near as complex as the other system

I have an idea but I need to a way to put a value after every list item except the last

that’s really cool but you should make it save data consistently like the original nick

but there is also the problem of how do you match the questions and the answers I had separated lists with the same numbers how does yours do that