Forum Role-Playing Game (Part 2)

I'm still hungry and I forgot to use my water filter on the water in the river. Is there any food or drinks here?

You could hunt monsters.

What types of monsters are there? Do I need to go outside town? Are they tasty? Nutritious?

ill build the camp using blocks, theres also a lab to prepare the potions to build

If you cook them then they can give you HP or MP depending on the type of monster. Raw meat isn't good though. (Do you have any materials? You could make a fire to cook it.)

I don't have a lot of materials. My magic wrench can only make the type of things you use to make machines like metal, wires and motherboards.

Why don't I build a turret and then lure monsters to it?

You could make an electric stove!

Uhh, sure! Your turret will assist you in battle.

I'm going to walk outside the village now.

untitled script pic (2)

It's basic, but it works. My turret will deal 2 damage to enemies each turn.

We'll say if you want to get an encounter you will. A monster appears with 15HP and 3HP attack.

My turret deals 2 damage to it, leaving it at 13 HP. Since, I built the turret, I only have 2/5 MP. The turret has 10 health and 50% defense, though it's easy to dodge.

I get into a defensive stance and wear the mat.

Alright. You gain 10 DEF and a lower chance for the enemy to deal damage to you.

Now it's the enemy's turn.

It attacks the turret for 2HP damage. (Rounded up.)

The turret shoots it.
untitled script pic (3)
It dealt 3 damage, leaving the goblin at 10/15 health.

I whack the goblin with my wrench.
untitled script pic (4)
I missed

I need to do something irl itll take 15-40 minutes

a paper lands on my face due to the wind

whats this? wait

the paper

we sell potions!

list of potions


eyeball soda (makes your eyes 5x better)
brain liquer (gives 5+ more knowledge)
melted bones (makes your bones hard)
nerve serum (makes pains less painful)


watersplash (a human is 60% water, youre now 100%!)
dirty dirt (you can make the ground soil with life! it can trap the target with plants!)


flying (you can now fly!)
clone (you can clone yourself!)

made with love by chad

It tries to attack you, but misses.

also, the camp is complete

I'm back.

untitled script pic
The turret did 2 damage, leaving the enemy at 8/15 health.

I whack it with my wrench
untitled script pic (1)
It did 1 damage, leaving the enemy at 7/15 health.

Can there be a way to speed up the fight? Maybe both me and the enemies deal 2x damage?

guys, lets get the potions, we need them

ill come with ya, were going to the chadshop

Too busy hunting for monsters over here.

You know what? Since I'm bound to win this fight I'm just going to end it right now, get the rewards, and then wait for the DM.