FINALLY! Reverse Codification!

untitled script pic (32)

Let me update my project.

Note: you have to copy the block in the MAP OPERATORS ... block:
untitled script pic (33)
untitled script pic (34)

I wanted to export the blocks, but when I imported, Snap! crashed.

The project is too big to update. Ugh. Try to update your version of the MAP SNAP BLOCKS block to the latest version. And the other block I added.

What the heck‽

To fix it, put this:
untitled script pic (37)
in the MAP MOTION, LOOKS ... block. The delimiter is a space.

This is a big concession by Jens, who always rants about using names of variables as data. :~)

That looks like a codification bug…

It's because @joecooldoo didn't map things to the right text.


Had to search that up. "thing granted".

I've got no idea how to use this.

Hopefully the examples in my project help: Snap! 7.0.4 - Build Your Own Blocks

I have to necro,because I have a problem with a block

Why doesn't blocks of reverse string of?

(i did fiddle with the mapping and add some stuff,but not harmfully,so i hope that that doesn't violate your warranty /j )

Script variables don't map either.


This is a very old and discontinued project. Why do you want these anyway?