FINALLY! Reverse Codification!

Fixed now in 7.0.2.


Now red!

A lot of the bugs that I see here could have probably been avoided by using a real parser...

One-liner that works:

Project here: Snap! 7.0.3 - Build Your Own Blocks

Now to add variadic input support.

Edit: I've added it, but at the same time broken everything else.

Edit 2: Fixed that, too. @joecooldoo can you extensively test it for me?

What is variadic inputs again?
EDIT: I remember now.

Variadic inputs are the ones common to all of these:

That's how you spell it, right?

No, it's "variadic". it varies, thus the "vari" part, and "adic" is an adjectivizer.

Huh. My computer marked it as spelt wrong.

And my computer thinks "verdiac" isn't a word.

Anyway, have you found any bugs?

No, but you haven't updated the MAP SNAP BLOCKS block yet. And some others.

What is new about them? What blocks am I missing?

I added regular codification into the mix.

I won't do that now, because it's too much work.

No. you just need to import a few blocks and they will get replaced.

I'll be doing custom codification.


Is that a "what" as in you don't know what that is, or as in that you're surprised?

It's codification remade with custom blocks, which allows you to have multiple mappings at the same time.