FINALLY! Reverse Codification!

Epsilon means the base infinitesimal here. See this Wikipedia article for more information.

. <1sec> . <1sec> .

Do you mean, e.g., what parentheses and apostrophes are being used for not being able to be user-defined?

I knew that, but where did the infinitesimals come from?

From what I see, you can only use parentheses for inputs and apostrophes for values. I don't see anywhere where you can customize it. I should be able to use backslashes or colons to surround values if I want to. I'm also not sure how to add a new mapping

rings and c-slots don't work with multiple blocks in them

This would be useful for getting exact rgb values in that block

you should make a block that turns regular codification into reverse codification!


untitled script pic-2


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Thats what I'm developing rn. :slight_smile:

Yeah, were working on other features to make all blocks, including lists.

$$2^{2^{1.5\times2^{2^0}}}-\varepsilon$$ or $$256-\varepsilon$$

That's one problem. (It's also what I meant by


Check the MAP SNAP BLOCKS block.

I was surprised it even worked!


makes me happy.


@warped_wart_wars I added the codification part.

I like that it works.

Fixed now in 7.0.2.


Now red!

A lot of the bugs that I see here could have probably been avoided by using a real parser...

One-liner that works:

Project here: Snap! 7.0.3 - Build Your Own Blocks

Now to add variadic input support.

Edit: I've added it, but at the same time broken everything else.

Edit 2: Fixed that, too. @joecooldoo can you extensively test it for me?

What is variadic inputs again?
EDIT: I remember now.

Variadic inputs are the ones common to all of these:

That's how you spell it, right?