False Boolean acts like True Boolean?

There is only one magic variable and only one i variable. Did I find a Snap! bug, or is there something tricky going on?

Oh. That's very weird.

I think this should be moved to "Bug reports".



This assumes (i) is equal to 2, which it is. A very interesting case. However, if i = 1:



This looks like an issue with your project. I tried replicating the same thing in a new project, but the glitch didn't seem to work...

It is not a bug (I "staged" it).

Oh, that makes sense! Is it just a costume that's suppposed to look like a False value?

I just used the <is [] a [ v]> predicate, and it's not a costume, boolean, or anything in that list.


No, it is the actual false morph itself.

How do you do this?

They used a fake false.

I know, but how did they get the fake false?

Oh, I see how it is done!

ohh ok

Should this be moved to "Bug reports"?:

I don't think so, because not being able to edit it was intentional. All there is inside is a block like this:


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