Event time! design a multiplayer with the mqtt blocks!

i dont know about anyone else, but it is firewalled at my school (as is all .io links) and even at home, setting up an account just didnt work

Shame :frowning:

A list of emojis that you can click and then it sends it to everyone.

I imagine it would be easy for a person familiar with such a thing to have a conversation using them

A conversation == a chat :slight_smile:

So no :frowning:

Anyone can publish to the broker so you could artificially edit your position for example

A preset list of messages you are allowed to send is perfectly allowed, they don’t just mean any emoji only like :grinning: :partying_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sleepy: :dizzy_face: :point_down: :+1:

If you have access to a broker that only allows you to publish to it, then it is guaranteed that any messages sent to that broker and subscribed to by others, cannot be interfered with.

Malicious people are known to be clever and devious
So rather than try and guess what they might do, it is much easier from a young person protection point of view to not allow ANY sort of off-site message passing

To repeat,

Are you guys doing the project!? evrybody say yeah if you are!!

you can, for instance, program it in such a way that the chat messages are verified before a user sends the data. Once the chat message is received by the other clients subscribed to the topic, they will do the same check to make sure the emojis haven't been replaced by something else.

Or send it a number, which represents an index of a list.

It's the possible dangers of someone using sequences of emoji (or any other symbols) to communicate information.

you guys spend a lot of time talking and not working, did you know that making a game purely out of snap takes 20 DAYS??

I'm just here to advise and answer any MQTT technical questions.

Not intending to enter your competition as I'm not very good at writing interesting games

I'm still learning, give me time.

You do know that some people compete in Jams, where they have a week or less to make a full game, right?

I'm not gonna make a game because I'm already tied up with building a bunch of libraries.

I try not to mention it but you keep implying that this isn't a choice.