quake in snap?..

it will be like, slow, very slow :sob:

btw, through looking at source code i saw more functions that can be used as blocks but they aren't, i wonder if we can add those to text editor if we ever will release it

See, I doubt it? I don't think Snap! is slow at all, I think most of what slows Snap! is Javascript and compliance to the safety net built in browsers.

Also, Quake was written for a 486. Sandboxed snap is faster than a 486. A calculator is faster than a 486 lol.

But it's also not for PLAYING quake, just watching it run in snaps! stepping mode. I've beaten quake more than a couple times lol. Quake isn't the end goal, just a stepping stone.

did anyone yet JIT compiled snap? like turbowarp does with scratch

Why don't you just translate the text to blocks, then run tbe project like normal?

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A text-based Snap! does sound fun, though.

That’s a good move! Even more so if students are going to be enabled to learn from how it’s done.

Not that fun when i have to deal with processes (coroutines). Why some blocks as POINT TOWARDS are called using processes? It makes no sense to me tbh. I completely understand blocks with time like GLIDE, SAY FOR, but not that.

i think it might be because it has to get the other object. in threads.js this refers to the process, but you can access process, because it gets passed as an argument after the end. it would be like this:
untitled script pic

i tried it and it works.

thanks for the help, asadasafasadasag!
snap expert :wink:

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