Display x and y coordinates as cursor moves around screen

This was a fantastically useful feature of Scratch 2 which the developers strangely decided to drop in Scratch 3. It is really good for teaching children about coordinate systems.

Hi! In the Motion palette, next to the X POSITION and Y POSITION reporters are checkboxes. If you check them, the display you want will be on the stage.

I grant you that it's bulkier than the old Scratch tiny-font, offstage display. Start a petition on one of those online petition sites and maybe we can convince Jens... :~)

Yes, I also think it would be very useful.

Hey is there a way we can make a petition in a forum post?
@simonc8 if you make a supporter list, add me on it.

Thanks for the suggestion about a petition. In view of other users who also think this would be a good idea how would I go about setting up a petition in the most useful place?

Isn't there a petitions.com or something?

wait! now we have polls. polls are like petitions
[poll type=regular results=always public=true]

  • Display x and y coordinates as cursor moves around screen
  • no support to all of the above
    i deleted my last post cuz i wanted to add to it and i didnt want people to think i faked the results of the poll

Many thanks for doing this.

I think there should be an option in the settings menu to toggle the display of mouse coordinates.

New poll?
[poll type=regular results=always public=true]

  • always display x and y coordinates builtin to editor
  • don't ever display x and y coordinates builtin
  • have a toggle in settings

Why? In what situation would it hurt?

Maybe somebody doesn't want it showing. Idk

See it 'prototyped', to play with in the project below:

I think if there were an option then it should be ON by default.

I'm not going to do this because a) you can easily find out the coordinates via watchers, b) I want teachers to use turtle geometry instead of absolute coordinates when drawing polygons (you don't want to know what I've seen teachers do once you give them x- and y- coordinates) and 3) constantly watchting the coordinates degrades performance, because those two fields keep updating and redrawing as the mouse moves. Not a terribly big deal, but some kids have really old computers, and I don't want their projects to lag just because folks like gazing mouse coordinates.

Seriously, folks, what do you need those coordinates for all the time? I mean, c'mon, just drag the sprite over to where you want it to be and save the project! :slight_smile:

What a cute project! That must have taken you hours to position everything correctly.

I would definitely like a setting for it, even if it's OFF by default.

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