Custom menu types

Maybe after meticulous modification, it could be possible, but it would have to be stored in an IDE variable so it can save to the project.

This means that I'm still quoting you, but I'm shortening it to add clarity to it. It's the same way with how some story excerpts start with square brackets to replace a pronoun whose subject is not told at the beginning. It's like this:

"He is friends with him." You wouldn't know the actual subject of the sentence, because there's only a pronoun, which is why rewording can help!
"[Jens] is friends with [Brian]." This adds much more clarity to a sentence excerpt. :slight_smile:

Still, it's a little better to use the actual quote:

I'll edit it.

Saw the edited version.

I'm saying that saying "I'm extremely confused" would make me sound stupid.

That's different, I said "Extremely confused", not "Confused" like you do.

I kind of made it!
Again, do what you did with the last video link.

Turn on JavaScript extensions and watch the video. :P

What's the JS for the block?

Which block? Are you asking for the code for the block that's in the video? If so, here.

function () {
  /* TODO:
     get the value of _MODIFICATION_1_ as a JSON object
     if _MODIFICATION_1_ does not exist, create it
     if _MODIFICATION_1_ is not a list, set its value to an empty list
  var list = {} // TODO: replace this with the value of _MODIFICATION_1_
  list["~"] = null;
  list["new..."] = function () {
    var a = window.prompt("Value")
    return a;
  return list;


this works! thanks!

You sound more stupid when you post images, rather than if you just say "I'm extremely confused". Plus, we're here to help you not be confused, so we don't think you're stupid, just because you don't understand something. Even I, someone who has been on the snap forum for over 4 years, don't know everything about snap, and I get confused quite often.

...I guess our opinions on this bit are different, then.

No, it's not that you think that I'm stupid, I just don't want to sound stupid.

already made one, currently in the process of remastering it

:exploding_head: :exploding_head:


Just the fact that you made a game with that little stuff is mind-blowing!

Of course, when I said "a full-on GAME", I meant a game like, in terms of game size, from around Atari - SMB (that's a range) and up.