Comment block pack & Block (pack) requests

Wait... the second one isn't even a comment. It's just identity except it allows multilines?

Yeah, but you can use it in the comment blocks for multiline comments.

Pressing Description in the project didn't work for some reason. Perhaps you have a problem with your code?

There was a block in the wrong spot. I fixed it.

the only time i use a comment is to make a line of code i want there because im testing to remain there but not work. also ur students must be lucky, my teacher told me this year i that i cant ask questions because i already know more then them.

Yeah I use
untitled script pic (2)
for that. So technically not a comment. :~)

If someone asked a question that was way over the heads of the other students I'd typically say "come see me in office hours" unless I could give a satisfactory one-sentence answer and move on. Except once in a while it seemed like someone was just showing off rather than really having a question. :~( But I'd still say "come see me in office hours" and then if they did I'd tell them not to show off in class. :~)

Once when I was a student, in Elliot Turiel's class on moral development at Berkeley, I asked a lot of questions in class, until one day I came to his office hours and he said "You know, you're attacking me from the left, but the rest of the class is attacking me from the right and you're not helping." So after that I shut up in class and just hung out in his office to argue with him. :~)

P.S. If your teacher doesn't know the answer to a specific question you ask, that's okay, but they should just say "I don't know" or even "I don't know, why don't you look it up and tell me next class meeting" rather than make it sound like you're at fault.

No i had a real question

That's why I said

! :~)

If that is your main objection against block comments, you might consider something like this:
selected programming tools script pic (2) selected programming tools script pic (3)