Color library and primitives

Hi Joe, thanks for offering your help!
Do you have any suggestions for improving the sample function I coded? (Obviously it doesn’t do pen styles yet; and like I wrote in the comment the “fill” algorithm is really basic, definitely not suitable for every imaginable polygon. And I added some extra Help text just now).
I’m curious as to your ideas on pen styles.
And perhaps we can discuss some architecture choices.
What would you like a graphics library to offer?

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

I'd re-arrange the block to use variadic inputs for the vertices and accept any valid colour object


Thanks for the suggestions.

  • About the variadic input: I can see how to implement that (we could even have a recursive function drawing the perimeter :slight_smile: , just for fun).
  • I’m not sure how to implement the general color input though - will it work only with the elusive “color” data type, or also with e.g. RGBA-type input? Would you provide a few lines of code (from the C&C library perhaps) as an example?

The color data type is a single pixel costume so would just need this block to check what sort of value is supplied and convert to wanted color space


I do it in this block

untitled script pic (49)

Not really, I'm not super advanced in coding.

I'm working on different pen styles such as airbrush, marker, etc.

I'd love something like a color enhancement feature or different effects to apply to an image.

Here is what I'm working on:


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There are currently three styles at the time of writing this post:

  • Airbrush
  • Marker
  • Calligraphy (Needs Improvement)