so basicly, scratch has this cool thing called cloud varibles and you can make multiplayer games with them, can you add cloud variables
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Yup, thats what makes Scratch amazing! Wait---you need to add this to the topic "Feature Requests -- Snap!". This is a feature request. Anyways, welcome to the forum!

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how do i do that, im used to the normal scratch forums, but not the snap forums

Ok, so you click the little pen that is next to your topic, click on "Meta" and scroll to find "Feature Requests -- Snap!" it should be visible for you, and then click "Save Edit"!
Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 7.06.41 AM - Edited
Here is a screenshot to show you more.

i did it, thanks for telling me, im new to s n a p !

someone made one using js

Hey, thats OK, if you accidentally add it to the wrong topic, like how you did earlier, Staff or other helpful Snap! users will help you out. And no problem! :smiley:

yeah this would be cool, i didn't know Snap! didnt have them

This has been suggested. There is a workaround using the URL block. You can search the forum using the Capture button in the top right corner.

Duplicate of Cloud variables? and Cloud variables

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Do not post off-topic comments

-_- why so off-topic? bruh that got put down as soon as it was posted, wow.

This is awesome. It should totally get added to the official libraries and would be really useful for storing high scores and playing multiplayer games.

Is there a time limit until things expire on the hosted snap resource text files?

That's an unofficial hosting server

You could create your own HTTP/HTTPS server but I don't know how you would prevent people from sending bad requests like this

GET serverurl Send 1000000000000000000000 highscore