Cloud messages (revision of cloud variables)

Well. A whitlist is a list of words that you are aloud to post. For exsample:
If the whilist was: a , cat , the, mat, sat, on
You could post: The cat. The mat. or even The cat sat on the mat.
You could not post: The bat , The bat sat on the mat

does it mean we should get in the business deciding which of our users can be trusted to run a chat room?

Good idea! There could be account baced cookies That could include if it user has a histery of being baned. That way you could ban them on you cloud chats.

I don't think this is a good idea. There should be no way to edit the cloud variables without an account, and new scratcher may be a good idea. (or maybe not) I knew that stable cloud variable logs are important, but I couldn't find a way to enforce them in firestore. There should be a cloud log, like that in scratch, that shows what the cloud variables were. If cloud variables support strings, then the log will show, in a fairly readable form, the values. Encryption could break this, but you could just ban it. What legitimate reason does anyone have to make an encrypted, unlogable, chat on snap? You could similarly ban external services for uses too similar to cloud variables but without logs. You would need a strict definition of too similar. All this is to say that there is no need to limit by accounts. Because of js, a user could load a whitelist directly from an external dictionarry, so whitelists are no longer hard to make either.

node EXPR is better

ya need NODE!

This is how to set up a simple server to store data

const express = require('express')
const app = express()
const bp = require('body-parser')
let data = {}
//use snap to send a post request'/',(req, res)=>{
   //do something with post data e.g. console.log(req.body)


A server for this would have to pretend to be a scratch client, and store cloud data internally, talking to the actual scratch clients through scratch's native cloud data.