Clone ID block

is it possible to add/can someone make a clone ID block? i'm making a music project and I really need it. I tried

but I realized that the clones get reordered sometimes.

There's a whole thread on this

I know but I want a workaround that does not require an extra var, just a custom block script is what I want.

If such a workaround existed, I bet Brian Harvey would share it in the thread linked above.

My conclusion is that an extra variable is required.

I mean, you could make it a block variable, set the first time you use the block and then remembered internally, if you prefer.

I made a project that counts clone IDs by using sprite-local js variables.

All of the clones have the same id which equals the total number of numbered clones that have been created, and it changes when a new numbered clone is created.

Just edited the project so it works again
Edit: also found another potential problem and fixed that

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