Block stack minipulation (little help plz)

Actually out of curiosity @bh what were the help screens for the “secondary” catch and throw blocks supposed look like?
You said earlier that they wherent supposed to be the same as the “primary” ones, is there a graphic for them that just isn’t used? Or do they just accidentally share the same image and where not intended to have a help message (they probably should as their use isn’t explained anywhere really, not even in the manual)

On an extremely similar note there’s a funny error in the manual

Not only does the “pipe” appear to be a poorly cropped screenshot
It shouldn’t even be in there because pipe was made a primitive in 8.1 the manual could have been in development for longer but in that case, was this foreshadowing?

I don't think there was a "supposed to." If I'd designed it I would have produced it.

The delete block does not modify variables; it only modifes lists. The set block modifies variables, and setting one variable should not automatically set another variable.