Block Flipper is back

this is the new topic for my game Block Flipper

Block Flipper

I’m currently reworking moving platform physics, so they might be a bit buggy


edit: i finally fixed them. they've been broken since I first made the game and they're finally fixed

ok i deactivated the april fools thing

I’ll deactivate the April fools thing soon

You move very fast and it makes it hard to control, maybe make the player slower.

you can press the down arrow to slow down

oh thx

Hi, could you please add a gravity speed cap? Once the character starts falling, it gets faster and faster making it very hard to control.

there is a fallspeed limit, but it is quite high, so I added two new variables to control it:
"fallspeed limit" is the highest fallspeed the player can get naturally, and
"fallspeed cap" is what the fallspeed is reset to if the fallspeed excedes the "fallspeed limit"
by default they are 10 and 13
for slower falling, set both to 10 or lower
(there are blocks to set them right beside the player sprites forever loop script)

Has anyone made any custom levels?

you can make custom levels? :open_mouth:

that's like, 90% of the point of the game.
there's a level creator in the game, you can access it by pressing "p" and then clicking on the level creator button. (for some reason it doesn't always launch properly, but if you go into the code, you can broadcast "setup level creator" when the game isn't running and it should work.)
if you want to save your custom levels you have to save a copy of the project.

what on earth is this error
Block Flipper script pic-10
(it went away when i reloaded the project)

If you want to use the level editor you have to manually broadcast
“Setup level creator” manually by clicking on the block.
Because of this: Sprite ignoring TELL


I replaced the second level to make it easier.