Be able to check if a sprite is double-clicked

Could we please have a double-clicked option in the when I am [] block?

I think I found a way to create a block that does this, in this project:

Hmm, it doesn't seem to work in this script.

Heres what i think

Clicked? =
If <<touching [me]>and<mouse down?>>{
Reset timer
Script var ((a))
Set [a] to (list (mouse x)(mouse y)< >)
Wait until <not>
//(not mouse down. Something is wrong with the forum.
If <(a) = (list (mouse x)(mouse y)< >)>{

If <clicked?>{
Reset timer
Wait until <<clicked?>or<(timer) more than (desired dbclick speed)>>
If<Not<(timer) more than (desired dbclick speed)>>

here's how i would do it:

on start:
 timeClicked = 0

on click:
 if (currentMillisecond - timeClicked < 500)
  --double clicked

 timeClicked = currentMillisecond

Is that JavaScript? In the case that it isn't JavaScript, how do I translate it to Snap! blocks?

that isn't javascript that's some sort of psuedocode

i changed currentTime to currentSecond to make it more clear
(then changed it to currentMillisecond as I realized the current second isn't a float in snap)

on start is the green flag clicked event, and on click is the clicked event
and timeClicked is the variable timeClicked and currentSecond is the current second from the sensing category

You may try this project
Double click is handled The Snap Way by blocks.
Double Click script pic (1)
Generic when, but it's the last resort because checking the condition this way causes unnecessary load.
Double Click script pic

It runs too slowly to be used in a hat block, which is a real bummer.

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