Please add backpack, tyo help move content to other projects.

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There is an "Export" option which will download the project, that way you can Import it into another project. I used that option, and it works fine.

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Backpack will be much easier.

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No, both ways are easy.

Give 'em an inch and they take a mile...

Did you know you can download single scripts too? Since it is experimental and doesn't always totally work, it's a bit hidden. Shift + right-click on the first block of the stack you want to export, then select "download script". You can then just drop the downloaded script onto your other project and it'll be imported there.

I reiterate it's experimental and doesn't always work. It actually used to work better a couple Snap! versions ago... We'll revisit it at some point.

yeah, that feature is cool!

yep. I just exported a script and when I imported it, a variable with the xml name got created, and nothing else happened.

yes, i would love to backpack things like huge scripts and custom blocks, and even more!

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You can technically just save the blocks, or save the project. Then if you want to access the blocks, you can remix the Custom Blocks project with the blocks you need.