Average calculator

need help with doing average calculator on snap

mean/average is calculated by taking the sum of all the numbers and dividing it by how many numbers there are

If it takes a list of numbers as input, you should try using combine to add them then divide by the amount of items.

Here's an LCM finder. VERY useful.

you can find the block in my Cool custom blocks! project.

That doesn't relate to the original post at all, how is it useful?
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what part do you need help with?

average_block https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=programmer_user&ProjectName=average

that's already in my project.

cant figure it out

trying to post code but wont let me

can you show me i cant find project

it not doing the average if you see i posted a link to my project

did you see my project can you hepl with it can figure it out please i posted it

can you help me with my project i posted it

I remix it

i dont know if it is the best way to get the min and max but it work !

here is the best way to get the min, max and average:

(to get () min () and () max (), get a () + () block, right click it, then select relabel, then select the () max () or () min () block)

you can also search the block up