Another Bignums problem

It is misleading.

it shows that this is possible

but in reality, it... is...
untitled script pic (13)

I just realized it has always been right. It was me just looking at the colors, not the text. For so long, in snap 5.4, I have been wondering how it has returned true in the picture, and now, a year later, I just realize it says false, not true.

Ah! (I hadn't looked at the help) The image was not updated when the Boolean morphs were!

Yeah, I'm sure there are zillions of such pictures.

fix them!

zillions is a lot, that's hard to fix, and I'm sure there are tons of other things to fix or implement that have higher priority.

Hey, Snap! is open source, you could volunteer to fix them!

I'm looking forward to someday becoming a code contributor to Snap!, but at least through the school year full-time job plus teaching 1 class on the side is keeping me too busy.


they mean a lot

just do a pull request on github with a branch with the fixed help screens.