Accessing clone variables

It seems to me that the MY CLONES block eliminates the need for workarounds.

Hm, wasn't the OP's problem with the block untitled script pic (13) that the list it reported was reordered each time one of the clones was clicked on?

Eh. Just capture it once and store it in a variable.

It might be self-evident to a CS professor, or as mathematicians say "trivial", although for most people, including most users of Snap! who read the Manual, it is not.

Otherwise this thread would have not existed in the first place.

That's the reason why I have asked you to add it to the FAQ (and the Manual), but, of course, you can instead add:

"Tip: set a variable (list) to MY CLONES, so that it doesn't get reordered when a clone is clicked on."


I know that I made it sound like a problem, but in my project, I never needed to refer to a specific clones, just all other clones. I just brought it up as it was unexpected.

You don't have to because I tried [scratchblocks] <is (my [clones v] :: sensing) identical to (my [clones v] :: sensing) ? :: operators> [/scratchblocks] and got false.

ok i get it lks lik the function copied it for us

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