A Digital Art remix - painting using different kinds and sizes of 'strokes'

  • input image (a photo of a lemon tree).

  • output image (I can not but find it really artistic, wow):


Based on original script for Heidelberg Digital Art (seen on @jens facebook) by Didaktik-aktuell.

Or compare to the 'pointilism project' (also a remix) fed the same lemon

Those look like oranges, not lemons!

Does it matter if you average HSL values instead of HSV?

There were/are two different 'input' images in the 'pointilism' project (one of oranges and the other one of lemons) - but yeah you're right the project starts with oranges until user changes the 'input' (by pressing 'A' on keyboard).

I haven't tested averaging HSL values, yet.

Is any forum member willing to re-remix this remixed project and find out if there are differences in resulting averages?

It shouldn't be hard with the Colors and Crayons library, which lets you get and set HSL values. I'll get around to looking at the project when things slow down...

Some more remixed Digital Art project's artistic achievements:


I am impressed by Snap! 6.x's artistic abilities, too. I find its impressionistic art quite impressive.

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Jens shared two days ago something similar on his facebook, again.

Link to Jens' post https://www.facebook.com/jmoenig/posts/10157999377715939 sharing the following blog https://gigers.com/blog/?p=414

this is really cool!

Thank you, Jens.