A bug which doesn't allow me to comment on my projects

Hi everybody,

I know I post a lot but these days I have a lot of questions about things. The thing is that when I try to write about my project at the side of the screen, it used to be a text field. Now, it doesn't allow me to enter the text field for some unknown reason. Yes, those of you who are thinking: "Easy to solve this problem, he just isn't logged in, that's all.", well I am logged in and still it doesn't allow me. Is it a bug in the website code or something? I seriously have no idea and if any of you guys out there know how to solve this problem, please let me know how. @bh @jens @cycomachead @cymplecy @pumpkinhead @silver_star @bromagosa @jadga
(I just called for those people who I think will know how to solve this problem). :joy: :joy: :rofl:

Just for future reference - no need to tag people - we all read the forum but tagging just causes unnecessary alerts :slight_smile:

To add a note to a project - I use the Project notes option in the menu



Does that work for you?

PS You need to save the project and then refresh the project page to see it appear

the option to edit the notes on the project page was disabled because of some bug, so now the only way is to edit it in the project editor (renaming was also disabled).

Posting a lot is great if the posts are actually about something. No need to apologize. But

What he said. It's really annoying, especially for staff, who get that from several people, not just from their particular friends.

I'm afraid that I may be partly at fault about this, because sometimes I reply to a thread by tagging one staff member. But when I do it, I know which of us is best able to answer a question or solve a problem.

EDIT: Aha, there's a setting for this. No more than two tags in a post, henceforth.

Exactly what cymplecy said, yeah. You can only edit the Project Notes inside the editor.
Another way to do it that they didn't mention is save as, you can also edit the notes there.

(No need to complain about the alert, everyone else has already done it.)

And it's not a bug.

sorry i won't do it again


Thanks. This is the solution, so thanks. I will remember this for future projects. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

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