Zombie Waves not working/ Lists

The Cerberus Files OPEN TEST  script pic (5)

For some reason it does not delete all the clones and the list gets all weird it doesn't delete all the numbers even after killing all the zombies

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 9.49.33 AM

Here is link to the project if anyone can help

when you delete an item, each zombie that is still alive, and has it's id bigger than the zombie that got deleted, should change it's index by -1. I'd suggest keeping the item, but make it a blank input, and it deletes all the blank inputs at the end of the list.

So instead of deleting item, I should make it so that it replaces the item with a blank, then deletes the blank?

replace the item with blank, then if the item is at the end of the list, delete it.

So use the delete item last ok thank you so much for this

um, I meant, do something like this (but with a different variable)
untitled script pic (14)

oh ok thx im dumb

You're welcome

True. Do not call yourself dumb it only makes you feel dumb unless you really are dumb with your not.

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