Zombie Attack 2's FULL Changelog(s)

INFO: This is a changelog to both the main version on Scratch, and the (albeit very bad) port on here.

This will be edited as time goes on. Play the pre-alpha here! The alpha and beta versions will also be uploaded when I get to those, as separate projects.

Snap! Changelog:

prealpha-02---- first share
prealpha-01---- shortening main track due to file sizes
proto5---- zombies now die again
proto4---- finishing up variable parity
proto3---- gun has it's scripts back
proto2---- zombies!!!!
proto1---- silly player guy's back, i guess

Scratch Changelog:

v0.10.0—- you now get a small speed upgrade at about round 20 so you can still outrun zombies
v0.9.5—- round end and start sounds, maybe taken from cod zombies
v0.9.0—- points are being worked on…
v0.8.5—- gun cooldown changes
v0.8.3—- zombie speed limit reduced from 8 to 5.1
v0.8.2—- added a limit to how many zombies can be on screen at once at prevent lag. this limit is 32.
v0.8.1—- round counter can now go up to 9,999!
v0.7.1—- working on 10+ round counter support
v0.6.2—- rounds have been fully implemented; you can become the cod zombies high-rounder you'll never be now i guess
v0.5.0—- debug and in-progress rounds
v0.4.2—- gun accuracy finally fixed, thanks to deck26 :smiley:
v0.4.1—- first time shared
v0.3.0—- getting ready to share
v0.2.4—- working on core scripts
v0.1.0—- player added, game starts development

There is a link to the project in the post.

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