Zebra colouring error

If I place a block, place a block of the same category inside it, and then delete the block around it, the zebra colouring remains.

Show the screenshot

(Sorry - deleted my previous reply)

As nieznajomyh says - could you post some before and after screenshots please?

Important thing- this user (@mariolover123 ) join 2 hours ago. Suspicious :thinking:

It isn't suspicious :slight_smile:

What about it is?

it's supposed to remain, unless it's not what I'm thinking of. Please give us a screenshot.

I found that bug when I first used Snap but I think its not a big problem.

If author of this topic isn't interested, I would leave this discussion.

I cannot seem to get the bug to work now. Sorry!

welcome to the forums @mariolover123
I have seen but I can't repeat what I did.