YouTube link for the Snap!shot video

Hi everyone,
Hope you have a good Christmas this year! :christmas_tree:

Can someone please tell me where I can find the link to the YouTube video of the recorded Snap!shot? I was told there will be a link or something that will be posted, but maybe I am wrong...

I have already subscribed to the Snap! YouTube channel and I am not getting any notifications about the video. I can neither see any new videos there...

Can someone please send me the link to the video (if it is already posted on the channel)?

Its not been uploaded yet

Oh, ok. Thanks. When it's uploaded, please let me know.

Any news about this?


Ok. Just checking. When it's there let me know.

I think if you subscribe to the channel - it will let you know when something is uploaded

Yes, I have done this already, so yes I should get notifications.

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