XML Parser


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It took a while make :stuck_out_tongue: The only problem is that xml tags like <foo bar="qux"/> don't work.

How It Works

  • Split xml string by tags (Turn xml into a list)
  • Get contents and arrange them in the right order
  • Add indicators (To tell if it's a tag or content inside a tag)
  • Remove glitched tags
  • Return result

Sorry if that didn't make sense, it was late when I wrote this.

There was already such a thread

Sometimes it's useful to process XML as a list of {path, value}.

You would have to make some interpreter to turn that into a list that is easy for someone to code.

I added the ability to get the value of a tag!

XML Parser script pic
The second item of that first item should be this:

Did you read this?

Oh. I forgot when I wrote that post.

now it takes all the attributes in a list for you to use!
link: XML with attributes!

"Project does not exist"


May I use this for this project? And do I have to give credit?

it's always best to give credit, even if the creator doesn't specifically say to.

Just asking.

you can use my addition, just add a comment or smth in proj notes saying I helped with that :slight_smile:

OK! Thanks for contributing!