X Y T World

i realized my project got featured, but i haven't posted it into the forum. it's a recreation of the website tixy, input a function and a grid is shown. in my version, you put something into the "draw grid" block, with the inputs X for x position, Y for y position, and T for current frame. edit the code and see what patterns you can make!

I love it! Here's my remix, with a very differernt (less beautiful) function:

Is this helpful? They already said

ah, this looks really cool! very unique effect

I'm probably going to waste a lot of time with this...
I might create a 3D version of this in Snap! soon

My remix:

The Big Rip

Right and left arrow keys to skip forwards and backwards in time.
Up and down arrows to change speed of time.
Move mouse to the bottom to see position in time.
Press space or click above the bottom to pause the simulation. then hit the resume button next to the Screenshot 2021-03-23 203330 to resume.

whoa, huge grid and more controls! and that pattern is really neat, thanks!

That's neat. The discontinuity along the vertical line near the left reminds me of crossing the International Date Line. :~)

You can resize the grid to your liking using the script variables I added to the "Draw Grid" block.
As a side note, is there any way to make Screenshot 2021-03-24 082458 , Screenshot 2021-03-24 082517 , and Screenshot 2021-03-24 082533 upvars so you don't have do to

[scratchblocks] (() with inputs (x) (y) (t) @delInput @addInput::grey) [/scratchblocks]


my remix:

For some reason it renders differently from the original website: