Writing and Formatting Library (officially official)

As a ChromeOS user, I feel offended.
I'm just joking.
I will show the results as ChromeOS shows it:

ChromeOS result

Well, I modified your block to allow alignments (left, center, right):

I'm using font Montserrat, you need to download it for it to work: Montserrat - Google Fonts

Nice modification! :smiling_face:
It could benefit from the text not moving the pen, which could stem some problems when clicking the block multiple times. The only block you might need to add is just [scratchblocks]set x to (x)[/scratchblocks] at the end of the block definition.


Here are the results from iOS: (updated list: post #34)

On an iOS platform:

  • Arial, Courier, Georgia, Impact, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana actually work.
  • Symbol is a distinctive font but not what one would expect.
  • Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Times New Roman, and Webdings are all the same font, actually Times (New) Roman, I guess.
  • I added three fonts that are distinctive on iOS: Avenir, Helvetica, and Palatino.
  • I also added a fake font: Fantasy 123; its results are similar to font = “”.

Looks like Arial, Courier and Times work universally.

The available fonts really depends on what fonts are installed on your device. There's no universal fonts, although there are fonts that tend to be on every device, so technically there are universal fonts. The only fonts that are not on every every device are evident by this topic.

I'm pretty sure I finished the library, so I embedded it into this image.
This version has (possibly inaccurate) Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian translations, along with one more block that builds off of the original stats block! Have fun with it :wink:

Fonts & Formatting Library

What does weight do in fonts 2 script pic … ?

It is a number between 100 and 1000 that specifies how bold. For example, 400, 700, 900.

Why it doesn't work for me?

Only some fonts support the weight variable. You might need to install one that supports this.

which fonts?

It depends on if the font designer wants to add more weights or not.

Can you provide a project example for this case

You need to install the font Montserrat first to get this. You can find this in Google Fonts.

Project example for this case (drag and drop the image):

There are lots of variable fonts in Google Fonts, but my favorite ones are Montserrat and Rubik.

Then you need to go into your browser settings, and change the monospace font (if you want the default monospace font to be Montserrat)

Idk know why, it's working without installing the font !

(this font is missing from the windows font directory)


Whatever font you have already, may actually also have different weights.

Sometimes fonts take a little while to actually reach the Windows font directory. I recommend restarting your computer for it to show up?

Actually, when the font is installed, it will instantly reach the Windows font directory.