Working Pyraminx

Snap! 7.0.4 - Build Your Own Blocks

There's a Scratch project here that simulates a Pyraminx, unfortunately it doesn't work. I'm going to re-make it in Snap!.

Edit: I've done it! Now to make an interface...

There's nothing inside...

Yes, I'm making the base right now.

Edit: Reload, I've made the background.

Edit 15: (previously the previous post that's now deleted) I've made it draw the Pyraminx.

I've added the 8 moves as blocks, currently all of them use the U formula.

Edit: Added U' formula.

Edit 2: Added R and R' formulas.

Edit 3: Added L and L'.

Edit 4: Added B and B'.

Edit 5: Got certain parts of them mixed up, now fixed, and added part of the rendering.

Edit 6: Got a number in U and U' wrong, now fixed, and added more of the rendering.

Edit 7: Got R/G wrong, I know because I gave an actual Pyraminx right next to me. It's fixed.

Edit 8: Added big tip/little tip boolean input for U and U'; added more rendering.

Edit 9: Added big tip/little tip boolean input for R and R'.

Edit 10: Same for L and L'.

Edit 11: Same for B and B'.

Edit 12: Added more rendering.

Edit 13: Finished rendering, not sure if it works yet.

Edit 14: Fixed bugs, it's now fully functional.

Edit 16: (15's all the way at the top) Added U R L B keys.

Edit 17: Added Shift+U R L B for U' R' L' B', made it quicker to rerender by only rendering when it's changed.

What keys should I map U' R' L' B' to? I have U R L B as themselves, but there are no U' R' L' B' keys.

I have run the project, but no key I tried made any difference. I tried pressing U, R, L and B.

I haven't implemented them yet. Currently you have to manually click each SET PIECES TO.

I've added U R L and B key rotations.

How about pressing shift + the corresponding key to rotate counterclockwise?

I don't want to risk whatsitcalled ghost modifier key.

Why not just test all of the keys? It shouldn't take too long.

Ok, but it sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't. I just made a FOREVER SAY KEY JOIN shift PRESSED? script and it said true until I pressed Shift upon which it started working right.

I've implemented that, and made it less laggy. Now it only rerenders when it needs to.

What hotkeys should I have for big tip vs. little tip? It'll probably be a modifier.

Why not use a variable watcher?

What for?

How would variable watchers help with that?