Working on JSifying my rocket simulator
Uses new SOI system so we get preciser orbit predictions instead of that "junks-when-timewarping" stuff(note:when adding celestial bodies,make sure that no SOIs can overlap,and it is in the range of the parent body's SOI)
JS can allow the time warp to over 65536x without lagging a bit!

  • Orbit prediction(Debugging hyperbolae)->When Things Slow Down™,probably never?
  • Reentry effects->When Things Slow Down™
  • Lift->When Things Slow Down™
  • Auto landing->When Things Slow Down™

Major changes as compared to the original project:

  • Planet names:Soul->Corona,Aerth->Origin,Mun->Tidal(also changed the parameters)
  • SOI system(Also visible SOI in map screen)
  • More info about the current planet's data in map screen
  • New camera mode:Follow
  • Inferno(Venus)
  • Trebucha(Jupiter),Roche,Magnetica

Wanting to add besides the original project:

  • More moons of Trebucha->When Things Slow Down™

Current work hours:~15:30

Hyperbolic orbit prediction does not work with low eccentricity

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its predecessor is

thats a terrible excuse
this project isnt related to snap
it doesn't matter if the original is on snap

Note:Because the number keys got reserved for autopilot modes,save is s and load is l

Just fixed an invisible bug that was caused by bad recitation of the vis viva equation("2/r-1/u" vs "u(2/r-1/a)" invisible because the part that had that error was a useless autopilot mode)

Just changed the way atmosphere works:Now the density is only considered "negligble" at 100uPa inastead of 10Pa.