working on a rpg want some feedback

called rpg.svg, all the maps are going to be plain simple vector images made of 2d polygons
right now i got a base setup and want some feedback on the core parts of the system

wasd to move
enter to open menu
x to close menus like items

also planning on adding a save system with databases

I haven't tested it yet. But I will leave this comment here and edit it to judge the game.

Well, the first thing I noticed are that you didn't put controls in the Project Notes section. I would very much like controls in the Project Notes section to make things easier.

It can only be summarized in a few words: It's broken. Is that a place holder?

what do you mean?

oh jesus that stupid scene system

everything is in seprate scenes it should have put you in the title screen

@slate_technologies check again it should fix

i think its because i didnt go to the title screen scene when i saved it so you saw that thing
I was just messing around on another scene

keep in mind the starting map is basically just a collision test
im going to work on a better collision system

i should duplicate the project and make the build that you guys see a preview build
because ill probably save on another scene and yall will think its broken

What I do with public projects is share the main project but then save another unshared version with _dev added to the name.

Then I work on the _dev version and save it and only resave it to original name if it's in a workable state

You do have to remember to re-load the _dev version otherwise things can go wrong :slight_smile: